Mapei Kerapoxy Adhesive 10Kg

Kerapoxy adhesive is a 2 component, epoxy resin based, high strength mortar, with silica sand and special admixtures.

Internal and external bonding of ceramic, porcelain and stone to floors and walls, on all substrates normally used in the building industry.

Kerapoxy Adhesive has the following characteristics: • excellent durability and resistance to ageing; • perfect bonding on all types of substrate commonly used in the building industry; • hardens by chemical reaction with no shrinkage, becoming extremely strong.

RECOMMENDATIONS • Do not add water or solvents to Kerapoxy Adhesive to increase workability. • Use the product at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C. • The packages are pre-dosed and, therefore, it is not possible to make mixing ratio errors. Do not estimate the quantities when mixing the two components: hardening will be compromised if the catalysing ratio is wrong. • If residues of the product remain attached to the tiles, use water for cleaning while the residue is still fresh. Use Pulicol 2000 if the product is hard, or remove mechanically. • Kerapoxy Adhesive must not be used for sealing flexible joints or those which are subject to movement (use Mapesil AC or Mapeflex PU21).

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