Mapesil AC Silicone

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Pure, mould-resistant,acetic, silicone sealant available in over 40 colours to complement the Mapei grout range. Interior and exterior use for sealing expansion and movement joints on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and many other construction projects – mechanical engineering, ship-building, automobile manufacturing etc.

Use in combination with PRIMER FD in wet areas/swimming pools.
COVERAGE: depends on the size of the tiles and joints.


Mapesil AC 100 White, Mapesil AC 103 Moon White, Mapesil AC 110 Manhattan, Mapesil AC 111 Silver Grey, Mapesil AC 112 Medium Grey, Mapesil AC 113 Cement Grey, Mapesil AC 114 Anthracite, Mapesil AC 120 Black, Mapesil AC 130 Jasmine, Mapesil AC 131 Vanilla, Mapesil AC 132 Beige, Mapesil AC 133 Sand, Mapesil AC 134 Silk, Mapesil AC 135 Golden Dust, Mapesil AC 136 Mud, Mapesil AC 141 Caramel, Mapesil AC 142 Brown


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