“Oregon, as a Collection of ceramics, not only contributes to the conservation of trees but also provides a more impressive result than real wood floor coming from their cutting down. The realism of Oregon comes from its great size, 20×114 cm, and from its production in rectified porcelain. The result is one of those floors that urgently ask to be stepped on. The collection is structured in the versions haya (beech), gris (grey), nogal (walnut), roble (oak) and wengue. These colours harmoniously contrast with the smooth graining of its pieces. What is the result? This fun, constant, resistant material invites being laid both on the floor and on the wall. You can enjoy the warmth of wood at anytime. The Oregon collection, as well as the other wood-imitation collections, has become evidence of how to make it real thanks to progress and the application of new technologies, especially when employed with aesthetic, functional and avant-garde criteria. The technology used when producing the ceramic wood minimises the environmental footprint. We can say that Oregon is one of those typical materials that seem brand-new.

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Gris, Roble, Haya, Wengue, Nogal


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